Wednesday, September 30, 2009

G-20 Presidential China

Ok....we've seen the photos and read the story. First Lady Michelle Obama's gift of a custom tea service is not a bad idea....but, personally, I would have liked the design to be a bit more upbeat and warmer. I know, I know...Steel City....Rose on the bottom...referencing Lincoln and all that. But we would have designed something a bit more inviting and something that looked a little less industrial.

Having said that, we are glad the First Lady chose a gift from a category so near and dear to us. Perhaps next time, we could recommend an alternative?

Hmmm.....any thoughts on what could have been a more appropriate design?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inpsiration and Information

If you have ever wondered how we research and come up with details on Presidential china or decide which Presidents to reproduce....we tend to do it the old fashioned way and that is to continually search and look for bits and pieces of information that will help us bring out the best and most authentic reproductions possible.

For instance, a book we've been reviewing lately is a 2007 book by John Bowman, "The History of the American Presidency". It's a pretty quick read, filled with anecdotes, and stories. Most of what we read or learn about an individual president never gets actually used in our reproductions (or collateral materials). However, it does provide a 'texture' for us to better understand that particular president and to help us to convey that in our presentation of his china.

It's a process and a continual one.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Main Line Antiques Show

With the Presidential China of Mr and Mrs. Set Momjian as its centerpiece, the popular Main Line Antiques Show returns for its fourth season.

Set aside the upcoming weekend of November 21-22 and travel to Wayne, Pennsylvania for a show that is not to be missed. Mr and Mrs. Momjian are the foremost collectors of Presidential and White House China and their collection has been seen around the world. Now, it comes back home to suburban Philadelphia!

Here's a link to the show's website: